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Hyper Flake Flooring

Hyper Flake Systems are a new and exciting alternative to the traditional polished floor or grind & Seal System when the desired look might not be achievable or desirable offering a consistent polished concrete look and a finish.

Hyper Flake Systems can have a high gloss super smooth finish offering a decorative finish for internal areas including the home, office, showrooms etc.


It also can have a low gloss finish with a nonslip added for driveways, pathways and all external areas which make either option a durable, tough and easy to maintain flooring solution.

Suitable for residential and commercial applications. Hyper Flake has quickly become a desirable long-term flooring solution. A great alternative to tiles where grout can absorb unwanted contaminants. Hyper Flake Systems are seamless and non-porous when installed as a full system.